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​We are a local, family-owned farm growing Dragon Fruit in Homestead, FL (just South of Miami). Under the Vine Farm has been operating independently and responsibly since 2017, farming over 12 acres of Red, Pink and some White Dragon Fruit. We cater to those who value fresh Dragon Fruit, the local farm-to-table concept, and Responsible and Sustainable farming practices.


We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality and variety of Dragon Fruit, grown right on our own farm. We chose to grow Dragon Fruit as it has many Health Benefits, is considered a Superfruit high in Antioxidants, and is shown to Boost your Immune System. We supply many local restaurants, fruit/farm stands, and other buyers of Tropical Fruit, and offer shipping options locally and throughout the entire U.S. and Canada. 


Thank you for visiting the website, and reading our story. We hope you will try some of our Dragon Fruit, and support our efforts as we grow Responsibly and a blooming Dragon Fruit flower (see to your left) !


Please see the Place An Order page to get started with the process...

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See more photos of our farm here !

Our Fruit

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Our Field

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A Responsible | Sustainable | Dragon Fruit Farm

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